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Rumble In The Rock III - May 28, 2014
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About us:

Little Rock GAA is the ONLY source for real Irish sports in Little Rock and Central Arkansas!
It's fast, it's athletic, it's hard hitting! It's not soccer and it isn't rugby but bears some resemblance to both! Gaelic football is the national sport of Ireland.

Learn more about the rules of the fast paced action that is Gaelic football here.

Interested in learning about how to join? Visit our Recruiting page andplay Ireland's native sports with us!

Goals of Little Rock GAA:

1) Men's, women's, and youth Gaelic football programs

2) Establish hurling and camogie programs

3) Actively engage participation from smaller municipalities to seed programs in Arkansas (focused on 7 aside play) including:

4) Actively engage participation from Gaelic Sporting Clubs in cities in the Southern U.S. including: